Clojure: Designed for Performance

Yesterday I blogged about my LCA talk Crowdsourcing Upstream Refactoring. Today I gave my a talk on Clojure and performance at Linux Conf Australia 2013.


I mixed giving an overview of why I think Clojure offers the advantages of Common Lisp and Java without the disadvantages of either along with live coding on the REPL. There were several great questions and I am really pleased that many delegates told me that the were going to give Clojure a close look!

Later this evening we have the Emacs BOF and I know I'll find a number of friendly eLisp hackers.

If you have a chance to attend LCA I would highly recommended it... This is among the best organized conferences I've attended and comprises a fantastic group of enthusiastic contributors.

Below you will find links to the presentation. Very soon the video of this talks (and all the talks) will be available.