Thunderbird Configuration on Windows for Secure Mail

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Tell Thunderbird how much you trust your correspondent

  1. Under OpenPGP | Key Management (then right-click on the key you want) you can set the trust level you have for your correspondent
  2. This trust level is private: no-one knows how you have set owner trust for a key
  3. If you trust a key at least marginally you won't get the annoying dialog box asking you to check a key every time you send an e-mail
  4. Note: typically people sign each other's keys to vouch that the public key of a person corresponds to their real identity
  5. Signing someone's key only says you believe that their public key belongs to them (not that you trust them).
  6. Key signing is beyond the scope of this tutorial
  7. Congratulations :) You can now send and receive secure e-mail!