FOSDEM 2012 : Legal Issues DevRoom : Speakers

The official Talk Schedule for the Legal Issues DevRoom is on the FOSDEM website.

This page collects pointers to speaker bios (with blog and microblog links) slides and FOSDEM related blog posts -- a mini Legal Issues planet!

Please check the Free as in Freedom site for audio oggcasts of these presentations.

Speaker Slides FOSDEM Blog post(s)
Philippe Laurent
Ambjörn Elder Get the down and low before I stand up to be counted at FOSDEM
Armijn Hemel
Dave Neary slides
Allison Randal slides
Michael Meeks slides 2012-02-04: Saturday
Loïc Dachary
John Sullivan slides
Richard Fontana slides The first FOSDEM Legal Issues DevRoom
Hugo Roy FOSDEM 2012, panel on Application stores
Giovanni Battista Gallus
Bradley M. Kuhn
Ciarán O'Riordan
Benjamin Henrion
Deb Nicholson
Karen Sandler FOSDEM, part 1
Mike Linksvayer slides FOSDEM 2012 Legal Issues DevRoom
FOSDEM 2012 and computational diversity

NOTE: let me know if there are updates to this list